Are you in the game?

Are you in the game? ……..

The game for me doesn’t mean game in the game console or computer. It’s mean how fast the revolution of media is moving in our world at this point. If we all look back ten years ago our internet just started to getting more worldwide for our human to use. We’re all using it at this point compare to before. Internet becomes a best connection for everyone in different way,but there is also good and bad side in it.

At first I don’t know what is digital media. Once I read this article it made me understand more.

Here is the link;

It never devolop that fast back in 1980s-1990s, but in 2000s-2010s the whole world is moving pretty fast than before because now we are all in the new generation of technology

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Media revolution is now important in our lives, changing the way  how we communicate and the way how we share information. I strong believe that digital media will  make a huge difference and even transform our life in far future. Actions have been taken and imagination will come ture soon.

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