New Decade Has Come

Back in the 17th century; our world starts to have some documentary for telling the others know by written news on the wall or paper. Some of them used bamboos or small piece of woods just like in China old time. They used it to get some report from different people such as during the war time almost all Asia countries used it to get report or update from the war which used a lot in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and more. Also, they had to use a reconnaissance man on horseback to run that news which it took a little while to get there. Another way they used pigeons to sent news faster than a horse which it’s better than horseman because sometimes horseman got ambush by enemies or thief. Pigeons can fly which is better and faster, but it also has small downside such as the letter need to be little short of information because he has to be small papers or  if it tired and die or get kill by another animal or human shoot its down the news that stays with pigeons can be really bad if it goes into a wrong person hand.

The new decade has come and the future is on our hands. nowaday, people don’t really have to buy a newspaper or magazine to keep them an update. Now everything can update by a smartphone which right now Apple’s about to release new application calls News. What News apps does is all the news or stories you want to read is on this application by collect all information that you might need in this apps so we won’t have to change the apps to read other news because this app has everything in it such as Daily news, CNN, ESPN, movie update news, travel news or even breaking news.

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