Nowadays, people in new generation always using internets to connect with the world. People can be easy to get motive by a video, pictures, online source, or the others comment about things. Social media can be two sides of the sharp blade like it could stop a bad thing and it also destroys the other things.


These day people believe things easy on the internet more than real information for an example people believe about high school girl beat up the boy in the school and tried to run away because she beats them, but the real story was she got bully from those boys and the video caught while she is punching them from self-defend and ran away because she hurt them and scare from what just happened. Later on, many people follow the news which only one side news from that video clip. People didn’t realize that the girl was trying to defend herself and tried to escape from that situations. people never think that way because the online world turns to be close mind source, it likes if anyone uploads anything or start to say something for most people would be believed it right away. Just like some movie showing how bad the social media can kill some other people life and also can give the others life as well.

So that why online expression and social interaction have to be more carefully because the children can not think on their own yet if they get some wrong information they might follow the video in the wrong way.

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2 thoughts on “BLADE of SOURCE

  1. I strongly agree with your topic because the social media can be two sides of a sharp sword. If someone who post something or upload video clip on Youtube first, all of the followers on social media will believe it the true story. Finally, someone does not know what is going on up there, but they believe the post or video without another proves.


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