Red & Yellow

This week our topic is about Collective Action and Social Movements. So, I would like to talk about one case study that from my county’s Thailand ………

A couple year back in Thailand had a politics going on really bad in the country for someone it seems like a small problem, but for southeast Asia people that are a really big issue for them because it affects a lot of countries such as economic, transportations, and more.

(Photo: tnnthailand)

Red and yellow means a side of people who agree with a government. Surveillance chooses the red side most of them are low to mid incomes people and the yellow side most of them are mid to high incomes and also people who support the military to control the country. In this kind of fight came from two group of people which they want surveillance to follow them and support them. The two main group of people calls the surveillance like a stupid people because there is many of them follow what they were saying in the media and help them had movement such as shutdown Bangkok by force people in the city to stop show up to work and join the mob. That cause a lot of countries stop the fly to Thailand because it was really dangerous time. Later on, the red color group showed up to stop the yellow group then later on it fits the yellow side plan because they were fighting in the city and let the military came out and control the whole country until now.

In this case, some people in red and yellow side never know any update from social media. Some of them believed in social media about whose is right or wrong which some of it wasn’t true. Thai people around the global follow social media for an update every day just to see what was really going on in Thailand, but now the military control the country and not allow anyone to talk about government. If anyone talks about this issue police and army will take those who talks about this to keep for a couple week to change their mindset, but if that person does it again the military will keep that person in jail.



     (Photo: movement quote )



(Photo: collective action quote)

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4 thoughts on “Red & Yellow

  1. I realized that the red and yellow shirt had been conflicting since 2005 to 2014 because of political concept. The collection action in Thailand had several reasons why they were fighting each other for a long time. They are using the social media and a private TV channel to publicize a propaganda about the political concept.

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  2. Several social movements have gained recognition over the last few years: gay rights movement, trans movement, and so forth. Political organizations, like the Bernie Sanders Campaign, have also brought issues like college tuition, racial equality, and corporate corruption into the lime-light as well. These are all things we would have thought little about 5 years ago, and now we are seeing significant changes in some of these areas. This all has to do with collective action and social movements!


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