Are you ready to VOTE ?!

This week, I watched one vidoe that is Introducing Doritos® No Choice
This advertise
about If you’re not registered to vote, you get No Choice.


(Photo: doritosredvsblue)

And I saw another advertise from 7-Eleven 



Then, I decide to look more information about both of the advertiment, so I found a news that they talk about politice election. This is from USATODAY website >>> No debate: Doritos is latest to tie promotion to election

This was the new from usatoday said, “The Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand, which is announcing that it is teaming with Rock the Vote for a promotion aimed at encouraging younger people to register to cast ballots in November.

Doritos promotion looks to hammer home a “boldest” taste theme by trygin to make the case for the blandess of a society where many young adults refuse to vote. the message: “the boldest choice is making a choice.” so Frito-Lay is going to give away silver packages of Doritos chips at Rock the Vote rallies or through its website that really aren’t chips at all. The bags contain inedible cardboard pieces that are supposed to send a message to those who refuse to register.

7-Eleven is encouragin coffee buyers to vite with their cup. The blue color cup is for Democrat, and the red is or Republlican and purple for any issue they want to bring up”

I think that this is the social media way to make people connect with election without thinking too much about politics. It’s more like want to remind to young adult and resident to keep in mind about voting a new president for their own country.

A lot of people hate polotics for a long time, but this social media promote things from polotics in different way from before. hope you all know what to do with your voice would you vote or not. The future of the United States is depend on you.



3 thoughts on “Are you ready to VOTE ?!

  1. I would like your case study because the brand is encouraging the teenager to register and take a vote in next month. After that, the brand will promote their product at the same time. The Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand showed that has a corporate social responsibility.


  2. Nice blog! It’s crazy that that anytime anyone want to influence a large group of people, they tend to lean toward social media these days. It only makes sense that politics are using social media to there advantage!


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