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This week, I gonna talk about user-generated content so, today I gonna tell you four things about it:

  • What Is User-Generated Content?
  • How User-Generated Content Helps Your Brand
  • Examples of User Generated Content Campaigns
  • 10 shocking stats on UGC

1# What Is User-Generated Content?


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Also UGC is using a facebook,instargram or another media to show the brand of the product for their marketing.

The marketing could use any kind of media or data in the website to created and/or shared online by a person. sometime they are using just a photo to share around the website to promote their product or anything that could give a motivate feeling to go or buy it.

2# How User-Generated Content Helps Your Brand

There are several other benefits to user-generated content that help your brand. For example, user-generated content:

  • Encourages more engagement
  • Builds Trust With Consumers
  • Provides SEO Value
  • Reassures purchase decisions
  • Increases your follower count

UGC also use a video to upload on Youtube, or another video media to present or promote their product, brand or event sale because people watch something they do like to watch online more than watching televetion at home. Online adverising is more cheaper than promote in another way, and it could promote around the world faster by sharing the adverising online.


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3# Here are 10 Examples of Excellent User Generated Campaigns that actually worked !!!!


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4# 10 shocking stats on UGC

StoryBox-Infographic1.png(Photo: getstorybox)


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