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I believe that everyone knows what online advertising mean, but just in case if you want to know exactly what it is …… let’s expose it

What is an Online Advertising?

According to mediafane, “Advertising on the internet is one of the best ways to advertise or promote your business and services. It makes it easy for you to deliver marketing messages to people in your target market and attract potential customers” (mediafane, 2011)

Types of Online Advertising

There are many different forms of online advertising that you can use including

  • Banner ads
  • Social network advertising
  • Interstitial ads
  • E-mail marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • ETC


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but today I’m gonna talk about two types of online advertising which are search ads and display ads

Search Advertising

Search advertising is something that advertisement showing their products closer to what we’re searching. For example; searching cars video on Youtube, and ads pop-up relate to what we search such as right now Toyota has the promotion on sale. Later on, we can watch our video or we can just click skip these ads to watch the video fast.

Here is ah link to expose more about search ads

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a third party company pop-up ads. We could see it on the website on the right corner or below of that website. Which those ads allow people see something that they might be interested in buying or clicking to check more information they need.

Here is ah link to expose more about display ads

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Advertising


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Advantages of Online Advertising

  • Extensive coverage
  • Large capacity information
  • Strong interaction with sensory
  • Real-time and long – lasting unity
  • Accurate delivery goals
  • Non-compulsory transfer information

Disadvantages of Online Advertising

  • Visitors to their online advertising “filtered”
  • Network technology to filter the ads
  • Lack of skills and marketing skills
  • Online advertising marketing personnel requirements are higher than other media

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5 thoughts on “Online Advertising

  1. There are a lot of advantages related to online advertising. Some of my friends who are business owners who wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford services from an advertising agency advertise on social media.


  2. Thanks for breaking down those different types and styles of online advertising, really informative!
    Have you heard about the YouTube controversy regarding de-monetising video’s due to their content not being “Advertiser friendly”? Apparently its possibly going to effect the way we watch news or entertainment on YouTube. Check out this video by my favorite Vid Blogger, CBG19 here:

    Or just search Youtube is over. interesting stuff.


  3. I don’t think my original comment posted, but here goes again. Thanks for breaking down the different styles of online advertising! It was very informative. Have you hearx about the way YouTube is demonetizing users because their videos are not always “Ad-friendly”? This could change the way many of us get non-mainstream media.

    Check out

    or search Youtube is over to find out about it.


  4. I like your posted because I understand what are different types of online advertising. In addition, I learn what are different between advantages and disadvantages of online advertising. At present, we have a bunch of online advertising in every day such pop-up on YouTube, one-click ad. on websites, and banners advertising. Some internet advertising not interested because I do not want to watch those advertising at the meantime. After that, I do not have no idea why I can be recognized the logos of those brands.


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