” All My Comment For Each Week “

This is the way to see my comment that I post on my classmate’s blog for each week πŸ™‚

Week 1# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 2# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 3# This week I got some problem with the comment, I don’t know why it was gone. So, I decide to post a new one in here

This is my comment for Aaron Castleberry’s blog
I do agree with you that people need information and also in a different way. I’m the one person that use many ways to get information about the news. I think social media is useful for updating information for an example, Facebook and Line app the reason why I used its because all my friends use it so when they share some information I will get its right the way πŸ™‚

Week 4# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 5# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 6# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 7# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 8# Hui Gao’s blog

Week 9# Hui Gao’s blog

Week 10# Hui Gao’s blog

Week 11# Alexcody’s blog

Week 12# Khanitsorn’blog

Week 13# Hui Gao’s blog

Week 14# No blog – Fall break πŸ™‚

Week 15# Hui Gao’s blog

Week 16# Hui Gao’s blog


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