Privacy and Legal Issues


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What does privacy mean?

According to iapp, ” Privacy is the right to be let alone or freedom from interference or intrusion. Information privacy is the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used.”

Let’s talk about Pokemon Go game on the smartphone.  The reason why I’m talking about Pokemon Go because I watch the video on youtube that about Pokémon Go is NOT A SAFE GAME ! and I had read one article talked about Privacy and Legal Issues in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO
The point of Pokemon Go is wanting people to get them self outside the house or away from the front of their television and keep walking so they can exercise. In another hand, it still danger at the same time


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According to Michael Goodyear (2016), “Pokémon GO was released in the United States on July 6 it garnered 15 million downloads in just the first week. Pokémon GO has rapidly become one of the biggest apps ever. Its daily active user total has now outstripped Twitter and on current installs, it has beat most other popular mobile app games. But despite its quick rise to fame, Pokémon GO has raised a series of concerns about privacy, from what permissions and personal information the app itself accesses to how the app potentially infringes on personal residences.”

It does have a meaning in those words because our privacy can not be privacy anymore. Our property can be harm from those players just only because they want to catch the Pokemon in our property area.Also, the word privacy and legal issues in the social media world are important too.

There are many examples of the issues lately with the Pokemon Go

  • People break into someone property to catch the monster in the game which causes a lot of people are trying to sue the company
  • The Pokemon Go app itself allow accessing to your IP address on the smartphone because a player has to allow the game to track the phone by using a GPS location and control the camera on the phone also.
  • Some hacker is hacking into the player Gmail account and has full access to their Gmail account. This cause a lot of issues to fix all this problem because the game has a leak information which not suppose to happen.
  • Later on, this issues got to fix and also this is the link to see how to fix this issues >>> How to fix: Pokemon Go Google Account Privacy issue

So, the game itself is people friendly. The game has warn people to beware around them and give people an exercise, but just some small group of people are trying to use this game into the bad way by hacking their personal information to do something really bad that can not forgive for what they did.


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