Copyright and Intellectual Property


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What is Intellectual Property ?

Intellectual Property is property that results from original creative thought of a person

According  to stopfakes site wrote, “Different types of intellectual property are protected by different means”


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There are many types of Intellectual Property Rights and they cover their creator and creations in different ways such as Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyright and etc.

Also in Intellectual Property Rights can be separate by registered and unregistered rights too.


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What is Copyright?

As I mention above that copyright is also a type of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). It protect original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other works, both published and unpublished.


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A good example case study for copyright and intellectual property: Apple & Samsung

3D-printed Samsung and Apple logos are seen in this picture illustration made in Zenica

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In this case, Apple company had ask the United States Supreme Court to sue a Samsung company for the case over smartphone patents. Samsung had been copy apple for a while since April 2011. When Apple used a lawsuit to sued Samsung in a northern California court for the iPhone’s designs and most stuff that Samsung had copies.

After those lawsuit, Apple wins ruling in patent case against Samsung.

Things should be over soon, but Samsung and Apple have been at war yet again over the iPhone 6s design. this time a judge ruled that Samsung must pay Apple $1 billion dollars in damages face a trade embargo with American consumers.

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Samsung’s feel like they have been forced into a corner by the controlling powers in the United States. However, Samsung decided to send more than 40 trucks filled with penny coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. The funny thing is the signed document doesn’t specify a single payment method, so Samsung decided to use this way to pissing off the Apple’s company.


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2 thoughts on “Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. I realized that copyright and intellectual property is necessary for our field jobs. I like your case study because the Samsung company did not create a new technology by themselves and never pay the license fee to the Apple. Samsung has to pay for that because it is unfair for the Apple company in many ways.


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