Summary blog post !!!

This is my last blog for this class T^T

This class teach me a lot of thing even if this course is an online class

First, I have to read article about topic each week, and that is the good thing because I learned a lot of new thing from that and to be honest some topic kinda new for me lol
For example,week 10 the topic for this week is about ” A Networked Society: Promises and Paradoxes ” so, I got to know information about deep web and dark web. At first I feel like this topic so cool, I wanna try to get in the deep web or dark web but after I got to know about this topic, I change my mine because so danger. Anyway, still good to know about that just stay away from that lol

Second, I know how to make a blog lol sound wired right ! but the is real, I never do blog before and I have to say THANK YOU to Alex Cody Easley who is one of my classmate also my first friend in ASU too. The reason I wanna say Thank you to him because I texted him about how to make the blog on the first week for this semester and after that I know what should I do also with the term paper too that he has been explain to me what it is

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Alex you self my life for this semester

also Thank you for Dr. Lily Zeng and other classmate too

Abstract for my term paper:

In the past time, Thai teenagers and politics is too far away from each other that means Thai teenagers don’t be interested in any politics.  But from 2006, when Thailand has the 2 parties of politics (Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt), the situation of political partipation has changed. When there is the development of internet and it has the easy way to access the social media. There is a movement in politics especially on social media because the two parties of politics in Thailand can persuade and incite many people to join the campaign of each parties and  go to Bangkok to protest to government in that time. So, my term paper is trying to study about How Social Media influence Thai teenagers to participate in politics.This, when social media and politics come together what will happen and how Thai teenagers has the participation with it.

This is the link to see my term paper presentation >>> Term paper ” Presentation ”

Hope to see you guys in the class for next semester

Have a good winter break !!!!!

Bye guys  >3<


One thought on “Summary blog post !!!

  1. I agree with you because I learned a lot of thing from the first week is the Digital Media Evolution until last week is the Copyrights and Intellectual Property. I change my set about a world of digital media that can be affected too many people directly and how to deal with it.


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