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This is my last blog for this class T^T

This class teach me a lot of thing even if this course is an online class

First, I have to read article about topic each week, and that is the good thing because I learned a lot of new thing from that and to be honest some topic kinda new for me lol
For example,week 10 the topic for this week is about ” A Networked Society: Promises and Paradoxes ” so, I got to know information about deep web and dark web. At first I feel like this topic so cool, I wanna try to get in the deep web or dark web but after I got to know about this topic, I change my mine because so danger. Anyway, still good to know about that just stay away from that lol

Second, I know how to make a blog lol sound wired right ! but the is real, I never do blog before and I have to say THANK YOU to Alex Cody Easley who is one of my classmate also my first friend in ASU too. The reason I wanna say Thank you to him because I texted him about how to make the blog on the first week for this semester and after that I know what should I do also with the term paper too that he has been explain to me what it is

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Alex you self my life for this semester

also Thank you for Dr. Lily Zeng and other classmate too

Abstract for my term paper:

In the past time, Thai teenagers and politics is too far away from each other that means Thai teenagers don’t be interested in any politics.  But from 2006, when Thailand has the 2 parties of politics (Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt), the situation of political partipation has changed. When there is the development of internet and it has the easy way to access the social media. There is a movement in politics especially on social media because the two parties of politics in Thailand can persuade and incite many people to join the campaign of each parties and  go to Bangkok to protest to government in that time. So, my term paper is trying to study about How Social Media influence Thai teenagers to participate in politics.This, when social media and politics come together what will happen and how Thai teenagers has the participation with it.

This is the link to see my term paper presentation >>> Term paper ” Presentation ”

Hope to see you guys in the class for next semester

Have a good winter break !!!!!

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Term paper due !

Hi ! guys

How is everything going?
just want to say don’t forget you term paper and presentation due Dec 5

by the way, My term paper is about “How social media influence Thai teenagers to participate in politics ”

So, Hope you guys have a nice weekend

Winter break is coming :))))

See you Dec 5 with my term paper presentation

Copyright and Intellectual Property


(Photo: Apexlaw)

What is Intellectual Property ?

Intellectual Property is property that results from original creative thought of a person

According  to stopfakes site wrote, “Different types of intellectual property are protected by different means”


(Photo: business2community)

There are many types of Intellectual Property Rights and they cover their creator and creations in different ways such as Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyright and etc.

Also in Intellectual Property Rights can be separate by registered and unregistered rights too.


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What is Copyright?

As I mention above that copyright is also a type of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). It protect original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other works, both published and unpublished.


(Photo: sbcinterlaw)

A good example case study for copyright and intellectual property: Apple & Samsung

3D-printed Samsung and Apple logos are seen in this picture illustration made in Zenica

(Photo: reuters)

In this case, Apple company had ask the United States Supreme Court to sue a Samsung company for the case over smartphone patents. Samsung had been copy apple for a while since April 2011. When Apple used a lawsuit to sued Samsung in a northern California court for the iPhone’s designs and most stuff that Samsung had copies.

After those lawsuit, Apple wins ruling in patent case against Samsung.

Things should be over soon, but Samsung and Apple have been at war yet again over the iPhone 6s design. this time a judge ruled that Samsung must pay Apple $1 billion dollars in damages face a trade embargo with American consumers.

(Photo: linkbeef )

Samsung’s feel like they have been forced into a corner by the controlling powers in the United States. However, Samsung decided to send more than 40 trucks filled with penny coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. The funny thing is the signed document doesn’t specify a single payment method, so Samsung decided to use this way to pissing off the Apple’s company.


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Privacy and Legal Issues


(Photo: klemchuk)

What does privacy mean?

According to iapp, ” Privacy is the right to be let alone or freedom from interference or intrusion. Information privacy is the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used.”

Let’s talk about Pokemon Go game on the smartphone.  The reason why I’m talking about Pokemon Go because I watch the video on youtube that about Pokémon Go is NOT A SAFE GAME ! and I had read one article talked about Privacy and Legal Issues in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO
The point of Pokemon Go is wanting people to get them self outside the house or away from the front of their television and keep walking so they can exercise. In another hand, it still danger at the same time


(Photo: hypebeast)

According to Michael Goodyear (2016), “Pokémon GO was released in the United States on July 6 it garnered 15 million downloads in just the first week. Pokémon GO has rapidly become one of the biggest apps ever. Its daily active user total has now outstripped Twitter and on current installs, it has beat most other popular mobile app games. But despite its quick rise to fame, Pokémon GO has raised a series of concerns about privacy, from what permissions and personal information the app itself accesses to how the app potentially infringes on personal residences.”

It does have a meaning in those words because our privacy can not be privacy anymore. Our property can be harm from those players just only because they want to catch the Pokemon in our property area.Also, the word privacy and legal issues in the social media world are important too.

There are many examples of the issues lately with the Pokemon Go

  • People break into someone property to catch the monster in the game which causes a lot of people are trying to sue the company
  • The Pokemon Go app itself allow accessing to your IP address on the smartphone because a player has to allow the game to track the phone by using a GPS location and control the camera on the phone also.
  • Some hacker is hacking into the player Gmail account and has full access to their Gmail account. This cause a lot of issues to fix all this problem because the game has a leak information which not suppose to happen.
  • Later on, this issues got to fix and also this is the link to see how to fix this issues >>> How to fix: Pokemon Go Google Account Privacy issue

So, the game itself is people friendly. The game has warn people to beware around them and give people an exercise, but just some small group of people are trying to use this game into the bad way by hacking their personal information to do something really bad that can not forgive for what they did.


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A Networked Society: Where is it going?


(Photo: netsoc)

Networked Society is really normal for this generation because right now most people on earth are using the internet. What makes networked society became more popular for an example; people are allowed to get more connection with new friends from online social media by using Facebook. Now Facebook allows people to sell their product on the Facebook page which connects people to the things they might interest to get. The information could upload to the server or cloud to keep those data update.


(Photo : tuhinternational)


(Photo: websitebuilderexpert)

This kind of networked society adding up into a big idea for an example; some company thinks that people love to use social media to do a lot of things such as find information to research, purchase product online, meet new friends from a different area around the world. Now people start to use Facebook for almost everything even new applications such as airport check-in online, booking the hotel for their vacation or call a taxi.

I can explain one for the best things on networked society is call a taxi by using apps. these day people can call a taxi from anywhere in the world by not using the cell phone to call a taxi, but they can get a taxi by just a tap from their smartphone. UBER and LYFT is a new way for people to travel anywhere easy and faster by using these apps. This can avoid a misunderstand each other language and location to pick up and drop off. Right now Facebook can do many things than before it used to be. now it can talk to people by typing, voice call or video chat, upload or download pictures and video, checking news update, sell and buy things, share location and call UBER or LYFT to pick up.

Right now Facebook Messenger can do many things than before it used to be. now it can talk to people by typing, voice call or video chat, upload or download pictures and video, check news update, sell and buy things, share location and request a ride from UBER or LYFT to pick up.

Overall networked society is most important than before because people are relying on it in different ways of using.


(Photo: slideshare)


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” MY RECOMMENDATION IN THIS WEEK: A Networked Society: Where is it going? “

Hello, guys!!!

How are you doing ? How about your Halloween?
My Halloween, This year was great.
I went to a haunted house with my friends. Actually, the place was not a house, but it was in the wood. I think I should call that hunted wood LOL!!!.

Anyway, This week we are going to talk about a networked society.
Let’s get start with this video, it’s going to explain how is the networked society works.

Here this is the link …


” All My Comment For Each Week “

This is the way to see my comment that I post on my classmate’s blog for each week 🙂

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Week 3# This week I got some problem with the comment, I don’t know why it was gone. So, I decide to post a new one in here

This is my comment for Aaron Castleberry’s blog
I do agree with you that people need information and also in a different way. I’m the one person that use many ways to get information about the news. I think social media is useful for updating information for an example, Facebook and Line app the reason why I used its because all my friends use it so when they share some information I will get its right the way 🙂

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A Networked Society: Promises and Paradoxes

Hello, everyone
How are you doing so far?
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I think I might be a witch. lol

Anyway, let’s start with our topic this week which is a networked society: promises and paradoxes. This topic is little hard for me to understand the whole thing, so I guess some people might get the same problem as me at somepoint.


(Photo: TechSpot)

First, I would like to explain what a networked society, promises, and paradoxes mean

A networked society: In the Networked Society, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have taken us to a critical stage – an inflection point – enabling transformative and disruptive change across industries and society, catalyzing an entirely new economic model.

Promise: to tell someone that you will certainly do something

Paradoxes: a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

Second , this topic is related to the surface (normal search engine), deep web, and dark web.


(Photo: TechSpot)

This little explains what is it all about.

According to BrightPlanet that
What is the surface web?

The Surface Web is anything that can be indexed by a typical search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

What is the deep web?

The Deep Web is anything that a search engine can’t find.

What is the dark web?

The Dark Web then is classified as a small portion of the Deep Web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard web browsers.
(Brightplanet, 2014)

Tha last thing is my thought about deep web, dark web.

For me, after I research all information about the topic what I got is Dark Web is a small portion of the Deep Web and also it’s little scary to jump into deep web and dark web because most of the illegal people are using those place to selling a drug, or doing some kind of bad things. Most of the hacker is using a deep and dark web to hack some people information or get what they need and escape really easily because they can use a fake IP address to get into anywhere they want without getting caught.


(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This is the link to explain what is TOR

They are the browser or search engine which not appear in normal social network world call TOR. This program allows people who use hide their IP address which kind of protect those users from getting steal personal data, but in the another case, people also can hack them too if that person is using torrent to download something online.

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